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Episode 4

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14th Sep 2023

Ask Jes: Simple Strategies for Making Decluttering Easier

In this episode, we're delving into the art of decluttering and sharing some fantastic tips and strategies to make the process smoother and more manageable. Here are three valuable takeaways from this episode: 

1️⃣ Start with the easy stuff: To make decluttering less overwhelming, kick off with items that are simple to let go of, like broken, old, or unused things. This will help you build momentum and gradually tackle more challenging items. Begin with small time frames and allow yourself to navigate any emotions that arise. 

2️⃣ Focus on the benefits: While parting with belongings can be emotionally challenging, shift your focus to the positive outcomes of letting go. Think of the reduced laundry, easier organization, and inspiration from those thriving in minimalistic spaces around the world. 

3️⃣ Practice with non-emotional items: If certain items carry sentimental value, start by practicing decluttering with less emotional items first. Begin with easy choices like trash, broken items, or expired products. This will build your confidence and decluttering routine before handling emotionally charged items. 

We hope these takeaways offer you valuable insights and motivation to kick-start your decluttering journey. For an in-depth exploration, be sure to listen to the full episode on our podcast. And don't forget to join our vibrant, free Facebook community, "It's All Clutter," where we provide ongoing support and answers to your questions. Wishing you an amazing day ahead, and we can't wait to connect with you again next week! 

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I have always been impacted by my physical surroundings. Growing up I spent a lot of time reorganizing my room, moving my furniture around, redecorating, and trying to help contain the stuff in our lives. For me, there is no better feeling than being in a freshly reenergized space. Having a home that feels perfect for you adds a tremendous amount of value to our lives.

In the past two decades, my personal and professional lives have taken many different forms, but my childhood interests in decluttering, organizing, physical spaces, and systems have remained the common threads. I considered Professional Organizing as a career at every twist and turn along the way, but always chose a parallel route - a Master's in Archival Science, a pop-up children's consignment sale business, fund-raising, communications and event planning, food blogging, homesteading, and raising a family are just some of the fun adventures I've had.

Eventually, my "hobby" of helping everyone I know declutter, organize, arrange and decorate their space was clearly more than a hobby and it was the exact right time to jump fully into the Professional Organizing world. When I did, I brought a slew of complementary skills and lessons from my previous ventures, jobs, successes, and failures.

I currently work with clients virtually, in workshops, in online group settings, over the phone, and in their homes and offices. I refer to my style of Professional Organizing "Prioritize Your Sanity" because that is always the goal of this work we do together. When your space supports your life, you are free to focus on what really matters.

My work today brings together everything that I've learned over the years plus it enables me to work directly with people and see such dramatic transformations in their lives. Every day I feel inspired by my clients.

Decluttering and organizing is not simply throwing out your possessions, or sorting them into clear bins with beautiful labels. It's figuring out how you can create an environment that supports you and your family every day. It's about honoring your past, dreaming of your future, and creating space to live in the moment. It's a beautiful journey, and I would love the opportunity to support you along the way.